Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Where I see God

I was recently asked by someone the question “where have you seen God in your week?” and the first time they asked me I was really stumped. It took me awhile to answer, but upon answering I knew that it wasn’t a trick question. In fact it was to get me thinking outside the box, outside these white walls that I call “home”, and to see where God was speaking, guiding and showing himself to me, in amongst all of life.

As I have this blog, and although I don’t use it that much, I have plenty of drafts and ideas of what I’d love to share with you, and time permitting I will share them, but today I want to begin a little series.  Each week I will post about where I have seen God, whether it be through a photo or words, or even both. By posting my moments I want to encourage you that God can (& will) speak through many ways, He will show us glimpses of himself and He will catch us unaware sometimes. We just need to have our eyes open to the wider world, be open to allow him to reveal himself in ways he may have never used with us before. It is then we will see the true beauty of God, so awesome, intriguing and creative He is.

So to begin, I share with you a moment from last week…

Sitting in the Chaplains office at my placement, a gentleman came in carrying his guitar and he begun to play songs. I watched on as I saw him get lost into the music he played. He played with such passion, such emotion.  As his fingers moved up and down from note to note, I saw pain, beauty and hope in his eyes. As he begun to sing, in languages completely unknown to me, he shared through these songs, with me parts of his life. I have no idea about the history this man has, I know nothing about his background, where he has come from, but I know in that moment he took me on a journey of songs that meant something to him. Each of them reminding him of a memory from his past. As he relived them, I looked on, I encouraged as he finished and moved onto the next. It was there that I saw God. It was this mans hands that truly captured me, the way they moved so fast, then slowed right down, bringing so much emotion and life to the songs. I saw a man holding onto past hurts, but allowing music to touch his soul. I saw a man who had found a way to cope with life and all that threw at him. I saw a man sitting there, who whether he knew it, was made in the image of God. Held safely in the hands of God. And although he may be at the later years in life, I know God was still working in his life. In that moment I saw this gentleman through the eyes of God. He is valued. He is forgiven. He is unique. He is loved.

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