Friday, February 22, 2013

Have you ever stopped to notice the patterns in the leaves? The array of colours that are displayed right before us? Or the intricate details of the bark on a tree? How often do you take time to just be still? Or is life just always on the go, full of worry and stress?

Today I took my run around Princes Park as I have been doing for a while now. Most days I crank the tunes, blocking out the world around me and go, but today I felt the need to just allow the sounds of busyness around me be the sound track I ran to.

As I begun my cool down walk, I noticed how many leaves where on the ground, the colours and the detail on each leaf through patterns and shapes. Normally the sound of the crunching beneath my feet is blocked out but today each step I took, I heard the crunching of the gravel and leaves.

As I walked I begun to get creatively inspired, I thought back to my Design course when we sat in the park and drew the textures of trees, the textures of the brick paving and the huge roots of the trees shading us from the blaring sun.  I remember at the time thinking not much of it, but just plodding through and completing the exercises to enable me to pass my course.

Today I found myself collecting pieces along the way so that I could revisit these artistic adventures, and to now have a new appreciation for the God who made this beauty that for so long I have ignored and taken for granted.

Life for me at times, okay most of the time, is extremely busy! Today as I took in the patterns, colours and sounds around me, I felt God saying to me to just slow down. I felt extremely encouraged to take time to enjoy His creation, to be inspired through the creativity around me and to allow Him to speak to me. 

Imagine if we all just took some time out from our busy days to notice the small things that we look past each day. What kind of inspiration we would gain, how God could speak to us through these things, if we just allowed ourselves to be still.

Matthew 10: 30  “and even the very hairs of your head are all numbered”.

It blows my mind that God knows me so intricately, even more so than the intricate leaves that I collected today. I am so thankful that today I slowed down and took in the small things around me, because I have been inspired, lifted and encouraged.

Stay tuned for some products of that creative inspiration…

items collected along my walk today

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