Thursday, January 17, 2013

Encouraged by my old journal

Today I came across my old journal, as I sat on the floor amongst the things I had been sorting out I read page after page of my journey from 2006-2008. As I read I recognize so clearly now the call God had placed on my life way before I even recognized it. I read of the struggles I had with jobs just not feeling they were where I should be and that God had something far bigger planned for me. I read prayers asking God to reveal himself to me, prayers asking for a heart that is obedient to Him. I read entries I'd written after being touch by a specific encounter, after watching a movie, after reading books that motivated and challenged. I read as I wrote with such passion wanting to reach people struggling and showing them the hope that is found in Jesus. I read as I wrote about the injustice in the world and how I longed to bring justice in some form. I read about the challenges I faced growing up in the church, the things I struggled with, the value in small groups meeting together and the impact they had on my faith journey.

As I sat I was thankful for every entry I had written, wether good or bad, because life is a journey, faith is a journey, and today I am the person I am because of those experiences. I see where God has answered my prayers so clearly and I see others that are still to be answered. But the one thing I know is God is faithful and when we call He answers, maybe not in our time, but in His time.

So I am encouraged through that to keep journaling, so that in another 6 years I may look back and see the amazing opportunities God has given and will give me, as I enter into full time Ministry with The Salvation Army (one of those things I clearly see God working in my life to get me to this point today). That I might to be able to reflect on the times where I am challenged, confronted and inspired so that all the while I can see that He has never left me and never will.

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