Tuesday, May 3, 2011

storms in life

have you ever felt like you should be doing something and although many doorways open, just about when you think it's going to happen, the main doorway slams shut in your face?

it's a horrible feeling, to feel like you know the direction that your life is headed, to feel in control of what is happening, it follows your dreams, it's something you would love to do, you think it would make you truly happy, yet shut doors.

anger, dissappointment, rejection, emptyness, sadness, purposeless...ever felt these feelings?

after a time of feeling this, life starts to get back on track, you pick yourself up and dust your knees, you feel hopeful again, you see dreams coming true that you were blinded to before. suddenly other things around you make sense, you see purpose in them, ok you might not feel in control, but you can see positives around you, that where you are you are meant to be.

life is like that. sometimes we are so caught up trying to do something else, or be someone else, that we can't see everything else around us that is positive. one bad experience can bring us down and gutter us completely, and yet so many other good things are happening in life. like it or not, we aren't in control of life, as much as we would like to think so. life happens, life involves people, people that don't always see life like we do. i guess this makes us stronger. if we look back over situations we can see where we have grown as a person. i believe that life isn't always meant to be sunshine. its in the storms that we build character & strength. we come through the storms and yes we may see damage, but we can see where we have grown.

ive faced my storms in life, sometimes its felt like winter with storm after storm, yet I always try to look back and be positive, see where it has built my character and taught me new things

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