Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dear baby smith

dear baby smith, everyday i am amazed at the way you are growing inside me, from your very conception to right now, you are still forming in my womb. your being created into the individual person that God has planned for you to be. already He knows the plans He has for your life, already He loves you. the intricate details like the hairs on your head to your finger prints are already being formed. i am so excited to meet you and so is your daddy. are you a little boy or a little girl? who will you look like? what will your interests be as you grow up? i can't wait for the moment that you come into this world and make the beginnings of our little family. i could sit all day dreaming of what it will be like when you come into this world, how much our lives will change, but how fantastic it will be to care for you and show you life. we want to show you the best life we possibly can, we want to be able to provide for you with all your needs, we want to show you love at all times, but also discipline you, we want to guide you in your life as you grow and make decisions as you grow older. we may not always get it right but please know we will always love you and do our best, each day learning together, and sharing in each moment of your life. we love you precious child love mummy xx

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Jennifer said...

This is so sweet! Blessings to your and your precious little one!