Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day...sigh...what a busy day! specially now cos I now have to share the day with a mother-in-law!
It really is a day to say 'thanks for all you've done mum'...mums wear so many 'hats', take on so many roles, so we really owe so much to them! I think as I get older I really do appreciate my mum so much more than I did going through my teenage years. I know we all go out and buy our mums gifts, but I really think that nothing we could buy could add up to what they have been through and done for us over our lives. I'm not a mum yet but I really look forward to the day that I bring a child into the world. In being a parent having to be a role model, protector and friend. To have such an innocent life in your hands to shape to be a beautiful human being in this world. I get so sad when I see parents treating their children so terribly, mainly in the way they speak to them, but too the way they physically treat them. When I bring children into this world I want nothing more than to treat them in a way that when they grow up they will have respect for people, they will treat people equally and they will be aware of the things around them. If they have questions I'd like to think that I would answer them as honestly as I could, remembering that they are children, but respecting that they are curious. I've been reading a blog lately, Danielle's Sometimes Sweet. I actually started reading it, because of her tattoo's and she features different people writing about their tattoos. Recently Danielle has shared that she is pregnant! She has kept a diary of her journey of becoming a mum, and its so lovely to read. If you have a few spare moments pop on over and have a read. So I hope if you are a mum reading this I hope you have been spoilt rotten, been given the chance to put your feet up and relax, even if only for a short while. If your a child (and I don't mean small child, but we are all children) I hope you have told your mum how much you love her and allowed her to relax.
- my Mum & I -

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