Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm such a sucker for Sunsets! I have soooo many pictures on my laptop of sunsets that I have taken over the years...and when I add more hubby always comments 'oh not another one!' Today driving home from work, I was captivated by another beautiful sunset.
Dark blue/purple clouds, with the sun creating a white light outline. Then the sun bursting out with rays, filling the sky, saluting the day that had been. The sky was still its usual pale blue, but with a hint of warm yellow from the rays being thrown into it.
Am I painting an ok picture? maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe this sunset was just for me to see, to be captured by its beauty.... I would of taken a picture to share, but couldn't really grab my phone and do it quickly without being caught, so for me its locked in my memory. For you I too hope you find beauty in the simplest things. Things God has created for us to enjoy. His creation. His signature.
What captivates you??
- just one of the many I have taken -

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manda said...

I love sunsets and sunrises! Especially out of the aircraft window :) I love when the sun breaks through the clouds and lights them up! It's moments like these that help me remember how marvellous and awesome God is, cos he made it all!