Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today is Saturday....

Today is favourite day of the week to be at work..yes it's a shame I can't be home with hubby, spending the gorgeous day, but I get to work and meet some pretty crazy/random/amazing/interesting people!
Saturdays people come out to find a bargain, to get something for a party tonight, wether it be silly or sensible, and sometimes just to wander.
I like Saturdays the most because of the mix of people that come through. I like helping people find that special outfit, and also chatting about why they want it. I do love my job, on Saturdays!
Working in an OpShop I see such a range of stuff....and before you ask, yes it is hard to control myself at times, but I think, someone needs this way more than me, I have a wardrobe full of stuff and I just simply don't need it. Plus hubby would give me that look if I walked through the door with anymore stuff. But everything has a story, has a past and often a future.
Yesterday I had a young girl come through who said she was moving to England and was packing up her whole house and starting afresh over there. This got me thinking..what makes people just decide to pack up and leave everything behind. Growing up I moved around heaps with my parents job and I truly hated it, yes I got to see some much and meet people all over Australia, but the hard thing, packing up life every couple of years, starting new schools, making new friends...I hated it! Now I've brought a house, I'm settled, I don't even want to think about having to move again.
I have friends and family who have left 'home' to go travelling and they love it. For me I don't think so much. If I were to move now, I would want to move atleast where I had a support network already semi established. I love holidays away from home and when away dream about what it would be like to leave it all behind, but then reality hits and I'm back home, safe and secure.
Maybe thats it, maybe I like being safe. I don't really like being put out of my comfort zone. I like having support around me. I don't like being alone. So for now I'd like to stay put right here, in sunny Perth.
Sorry for rambling, just some random thoughts, and if your still reading this, thanks :)
Enjoy your weekend!

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manda said...

don't worry I like my comfort zone too!! I couldn't think of anything worse than having to move away. I think I've even got to the point where overnights with work make me homesick now :(

well i got back in touch with your blog and i'm loving it!!