Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What do you do with a teaspoon?! ..Mix in sugar.. ..eat icecream so it lasts longer.. ..pick up tiny beads.. Thats all I can think of that I use them for, but what about the people who collect them! There are hundreds of teaspoons out there, different styles, different locations, different meanings...but really what do we do with them, even the people who collect them!? We get them into work a fair bit, each one having its own different story, a little piece of memorabilia. Memories of a town visited on a holiday, an event that took place, a person, business or just from a cutsy little dinner set. I don't collect them, cos I don't like dusting and I reckon they would gather a lot of dust, but I have a few strays, because I like the picture or pattern, so I am going to try think of some different ways to use them.....


OSIER said...

hey shella,

i made a ring out of one once, cut the scoop bit off and bent the rest around my finger, but it was really cheap metal so it was easy to bend.

i also have about 5-ish that i opped cause i liked the pic.. and one because it said "the dieters spoon" where the pic is normally, and where the scoop is there is a scoop, but it has the middle cut out of it :)

Shella said...

hey Lauren,

I love the ring idea, I have seen that, my cousin has a sweet one.

'the dieters spoon', that is great :) have had none of those into work, but would be tempted to buy just for a joke!!

creativity really has no ends hey, don't you just love it :)