Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Off to Market...

I have this friend her name is Dee, and she owns Winifred and Bance vintage boutique. Winifred and Bance are having a yard sale on the 5th December and I am going to be there selling some of my goods!! :) Along with my good friend Emma who makes beautiful things too!
For now I am busy making goods to take to Market...I have a bit of a selection, just trying to use up alot of stuff I have, so I can make room for more!
So come check it out!!!


Osier! said...

yay! you'll have so much fun shella... is this your first market?

Shella said...

yer my first :) very scared!! but also excited. just never had enough stuff to do a market...will be fun, im doing it with my creative friend too!!