Sunday, November 29, 2009

She's engaged!!

My sister is engaged!!! We got the call tonight...well actually we had been waiting all day for the call, cos her fiance' told us he was doing it, and they have gone away for the weekend...and it was done, at sunset at a beautiful lookout! How sweet.
So it got me thinking of when Dan proposed to me...It was at City Beach (Perth, WA), he set out a picnic blanket and as he did he dropped to one knee and held a stencilled skateboard (shown above) in front of him....I didn't actually say yes, I just kissed him, laughed, was in shock, and then if I remember rightly he had to ask again, and then I answered 'YES, of course!!'. Life is such a journey!! but when you find that someone special it makes it so much better, journeying together, through the ups and downs that life throws at you. My hubby is great, and I don't think I tell him enough. He's one creative guy. I hope you find someone as special as him!!

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