Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why BellaRae??

So why choose BellaRae as my creative label?! My name is Michelle but I prefer Shella (pronounced Shell - ah). I think Shella has a funky edge to it, which i would say that I have. Michelle seems so boring. I have tossed up changing the spelling of Shella because often people call me Sheila which just makes my hairs stand on end. I thought maybe spelling it 'Shelah', but you know Ive been known as 'Shella' for awhile now and people know it as 'Shella'. Anyway back to BellaRae.
I started off talking to my mum one day saying if I ever had my own label I would all it ShellaBella, which is something my family and close friends have at times called me. Later in talking to my hubby, he wasn't keen on me using my name in it. So I thought some more and came up with BellaRae...
Bella originates from Italy and means 'beautiful'. Rae is my middle name and also my mums and also my nannas. I have often said 3 generations is enough my daughter will not be getting it. But I figure this is my way of carrying it on if I choose to not give it to my daughter (if I ever have one)
So there is BellaRae, the origin.

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Shannon said...

Very creative Shella, I love it!