Friday, July 17, 2009

Memories from Photographs

So this weekend hubby is away, so im staying at the folks, not cos im scared (well ok maybe a little) but mainly cos I love the chance to be home with my family...but mums knitting, dads out and Nat (little little sis) is sick in bed and Manda (little sis) is out also. So I cut some patterns out, ready to sew tomorrow night (stay tuned for finished products!!), and now I am finding myself on the computer looking at some old stuff of mine, mainly some photos I have taken. Its nice to look back on photos, each one of them has so many memories, some good, some bad, but each has a story, and that is why I love photography, it captures that very moment. So I thought I'd share some....
(Left) This was taken down Mandurah, on this look out, near a friends holiday house. I was sitting on a lookout, over looking the ocean (so peaceful), I was with hubby (back then we had only just started dating), and we were heading home that day but I had just wanted to get some pictures of the ocean, I would love to get this printed on a canvas. (Right) This was taken in the beautiful Tasmania!!! I went there on a holiday 6 yrs ago, after living there for 5yrs, leaving when I was 15, and then this holiday when I was 19. This was taken on the road to Sheffield, this little town of Murals, most of the walls of shops have murals which tell the towns history!! This picture is Cradle mountain in the distance (pretty sure) and it actually has snow on it (the closest I got to snow that trip). (Left) This is how hubby proposed to me!!! Yes he's a skater boy, and he used his creativity which I thought was awesome!! We still have the board, I think I shall keep it forever :) Thats just a few, there are so many more, I could be here all night sharing memories and photos, but I won't.. Night Night

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