Saturday, July 25, 2009


I found this picture tonight when my sister was doing some scrapping! I read it and instantly fell in love with it and she even said she thought of me when she read it too.
I've been so busy lately, bit of an up and down week. Had some really upsetting family news, which has been a little hard to deal with, but Im getting through now. Ive also been sick and to top it, hubby and I have been organising an event for our new Ministry we are starting at our Church. '411' is for 18 -25 year olds and tomorrow night we have our first event being Christmas in July. So I've been busy making bon bons, cooking some food, organising others to help with bits and bobs. I am so excited!!!
But now its midnight and since I'm a nanna and normally in a deep sleep by now I must head off to bed.
I'll let you know how 411 went and also will post some pics of my decorating. And also post some pics of my creations from last week! Sorry to have kept you waiting so long, you have been so patient!!

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