Friday, October 28, 2016

Self care realisation

Sharing some recent thoughts that I wasn't quite ready to publish back then and honestly I am still learning how to do self care that works for me.

Monday 19th September. Somewhere in the air between Perth and Adelaide. 6.35pm

Here I am on my fourth flight since 4th September when we flew to Perth. Row 26, seat B, wedged between Emery and Elijah, both being entertained by the IPads! It's been awhile since I did a flight on my own with the kids, actually I'm not sure I ever have, but it's safe to say they are both well travelled and know this gig back to front! 

I guess I've heard it before in the safety demo, but today it sunk in as I listened to the attendant take us through what to do in an Emergency. 

"It is important you fit your own mask  before helping other guests..."

It was in this moment I realised, well maybe acknowledged to myself that I need to look after myself before I can be a mum, wife, seems a little selfish really when you think about it, but honestly what good am I to anyone if I don't care for self, a little self care will ensure I can give my best to others around me. 

Recently I  have made some changes in life which will hopefully see me be able to look after myself but also those closest to me, my family. As a mum of two preschoolers it's so easy to put them first in everything (well after work, which is the drastic change I have just made) , but after my experience in the past few days, when I don't look after myself, my parenting goes crazy. I yell, I'm short with them, I make crazy threats..."if you don't (insert request here) you won't have McDonalds for lunch/play on the playground (insert anything they are actually looking forward to!)" and yep the food choices are less than healthy, but hey they get a great collection of the latest movies icons...

Self care I feel is incredibly hard, for me anyway, others may find it easier, but I recognise to give the best for my family, this mumma needs some regular self care time - wether it be gym time, pampering, time for journaling, time for creating, time for things that fill my cup to then ensure that those around me get the best of me, not a tired worn out cranky mumma/wife. When I feel good about myself, life goes a whole lot smoother for those around me. When I have less expectations on me, life is a whole lot calmer for those around me.

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