Sunday, January 22, 2012

missing loved ones

It's a beautiful sunny day here today, well that is for the next half hour! Melbourne is providing us with some beautiful weather, as I look out my 5th floor window I see a few clouds scattered through the sky, I see bright blue skies and I see the sun hitting the trees. Its certainly not Perth weather, but its nice, its not too hot and not too cold (today!). 

We have lived here a week now, leaving our loved ones behind exactly one week ago today and starting the next chapter of our lives. It really feels weird to think that my family are on the other side of Australia and I'm not with them. Yes I have moved around most of my life from state to state, but for many years now I had been settled in Perth, surrounded by family and dear friends and its where I called home. I fell in love in Perth, got married in Perth, brought a house in Perth, had Emery in Perth, all whilst surrounded by family.

Now I sit here in Melbourne checking in on Facebook reguarly to see what loved ones in Perth are doing, posting pics of Emery so that they can watch her grow and develop. 

I do miss Perth, but I know that those who I have left behind support me and encourage me to follow where God is taking me. I look forward to what I will experience in Melbourne, the many challenges I will face, the happy times we will experience and although my family are not physically surrounding me, I know they surround me in Prayer and love and that they are just a phone call away (or with the technology these days, Skype, Face time, email etc!)

I also know that the people here in Melbourne that I live with and that I meet through those people will also begin to become friends and be a huge support network to the time we spend here. That God will provide me with the physical support that I need in different people around me.

So for the time, I live one day at a time, trying to embrace all that it brings, and to become the best person I can during my training. I know I'll have days where it will be tough and I'll just want to run and hide, but I will try to look at these experiences as learning experiences, to learn about myself and about others.

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