Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mum

I've not always been so nice to my mum, but as I've grown up and come to realise, Mum is always there for me, always happy to hear my voice on the phone & greets me warmly when I visit.  Mum makes the best scones, and has patience that I wish I had half of. Mum puts others first, way too much. Mum loves Jesus and works with the lost, the last & the least, to show Jesus' love to others around her. Mum can never just sneeze once, there's always multiple at a time. My Mum supports at all times and encourages me when I need it. although I don't always make decisions in life shes completely happy with, Mum still accepts me as I am. Mum knows I'm not perfect, she knows I fail. Mum still thinks I'm beautiful. Mum encourages my creativity. Mum teaches me many things. Mum doesn't mind if I call her multiple times a day to ask for the same recipe cos I've lost it. My Mum is always there to offer advice, and always there to listen when I'm feeling down. My Mum is one of the first people I want to call when something good happens. This is just the beginning of who My Mum is and what she means to me. I don't mind so much now when people tell me I am my mothers daughter, because she is an incredible women, who I love very much, and I'm so proud to tell people that she is My Mum!

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