Monday, March 28, 2011

im in His hands

im in His hands,
im in His hands,
whatever the future holds,
im in His hands.
the days I can not see
have all been planned for me,
His way is best
you see im in His hands
we sung this beautiful little song last night in Church. That's all the words, so simple, yet they always get me. You see right now life is heading in a direction that just makes sense, but I'm not completly in control of. the days I can not see, that are ahead, I will just follow Jesus and use my passions and skills and will go where he needs me. I will trust that His way is best, and the direction I am going is the right direction in which I can truly blossom and find complete satisfaction in knowing what I am doing/going is where I am planned to be.
The mystery of it all is scary but also comforting because I know I don't go it alone,
I do it with my beautiful husband who supports, encourages and loves.
It's all about having Faith!

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