Monday, November 22, 2010

Time to shop for the less fortunate..

Back in July I wrote a post titled - Supporting those less fortunate than ourselves, have a read so you know what I am going on about....Well I am pleased to announce that BellaRae now has $41.00 to spend on Just Salvo gifts! Since it is because of you guys that I am able to spend this money to help the less fortunate I would love to open it up for you to suggest how we spend the money. So have a look here at all the wonderful gifts, and leave a comment on which you think we should buy with our $41.00. Note that on the weekend I am attending the Old Perth Road Markets and will hopefully make some more money to put towards this amount.

1 comment:

beck said...

wow, what a tough task! they deserve all of those things... maybe some chickens or a goat, as this is a gift that keeps giving and can benifit many from eggs or milk. beck xx