Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh my its 11.53pm and I'm still up!!! I'm such a Nanna and normally in bed by 9.30pm, staying up late is usually classed as 10.30 for me, so right now I am really pushing it!
I've been challenged lately with how I spend my time...I often find myself feeling like I have no time to do what I enjoy, like sewing, drawing, reading etc. but on the flip side I always find time to check my facebook, emails, catch up on blog reading and friends status's, watch useless t.v shows....I think you get my drift... My challenge this year, ok so maybe a year is huge, I'll start with a month, that instead of watching a useless t.v show (that shall remain unnamed) which sucks me in all the time by its pathetic dramas, I will choose to use that time to sew, draw, read, spend the time doing something that is worthwhile and not zapping all my energy!
Half an hour a night to start with is not too bad I think.
Lets see how I go...
Keep me accountable?? as I know Dan will cos he really dislikes the show!!!


manda said...

funny i was thinking bout just this same thing today :) well maybe not the part about not watching Home & Away hehe cos i don't watch that much anyway, but the part about prioritising time!!

Shella said...

oh thanks for giving away the pathetic show :( shame!!

i think its a good time to stop and start prioritising!! especially with a wedding not too far away!!!