Monday, November 2, 2009


Lately I've been working on a puzzle...for arts sake! I have never completed anything bigger than a childs puzzle, so when I got this idea to use puzzles for the next piece I'm working on for Church, I thought I was going to go mad! But actually I have been finding it quite relaxing.
Its given me time to think. With every piece I put in, it shows a little bit more of the bigger picture, by connecting the right pieces it reveals something more to be seen. As a Christian I believe that God has already planned out m life for me. He knows where I am headed. He has given me special talents, dreams, abilities etc. that will assist me in His purpose for my life. My life is like a puzzle that God is in control of, piecing each bit in, sometimes piece by piece, other times a few pieces at a time. One day the picture will be complete, but I believe that will only be once I leave this earth, because we are always growing, there is always something to learn, something to achieve. The picture to the right is my husbands tattoo. For me it symbolizes that Jesus is the missing piece. That with Jesus in our lives there is a purpose to live for. And without Him there would be a hole, a missing piece, something that we would be continually searching for.

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