Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dearest bobbypin

Dearest little bobby pin,
Why do you always insist on hiding from me...I have millions of you and your friends lying around, but I can never find you when I need little whisps of hair fall around my neck and tickle me when Im fringe flops in my face on a bad hair day without you...I have 3 of you, that stick with me all the time, put in a special place each time I take you out, so as to not loose you either. You pop up in the most random places when I am not expecting you, not needing you, so I pick you up, put you in my pocket and then loose you into the washing machine. Bobby pin, today you are annoying me, you are loosing grip, coming apart and causing me grief...Yours truly. S
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Osier! said...

You have dug inside my head and written this blog post from my thoughts, I know it.


Shella said...

along with ever other girl in the world! who ever did invent them?! hhmm...

I was so suprised and excited when today I found a whole sheet of bobby pins in an old bag!! woohoo I no longer survive on 3! :)

Anonymous said...

i love this shella your so poetic, love k