Thursday, September 17, 2009

An apology :)

Life is crazy busy at the moment!! So much going on, Ive not had time to write, but I do think about it often....I think how anyone who is actually following me and enjoying what I write is actually being neglected!
So please let me apologise to you...I will make it up to you :)
Im on holiday in a week and a half and looking forward to it!! Craft time, house time, hubby time and sleep ins!! Plus I got some appointments booked in for Acrylics so I can finish my log and get my Cert3 in Beauty (finally!)
There is so much going on im my little world lately, that at times words can not even express it and because my mind is overloaded with ideas, plans and journeys Im having a hard time finding time to be creative...but it will come back....and I'll show you all what is going on..
So please put up with my not being here much, as I will return with an overload of creativeness
Much love

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