Friday, August 14, 2009

A weapon or harmless little crochet hook?! hhhmmm

So I'm feeling slightly better after a week on the couch!! I hate being on the couch hey, just all that time wasted, when I could be sewing and being creative, but sadly I didn't have the energy to do that, so I knew I was SICK!!!
Now I am busy washing and packing for our trip to Melbourne tomorrow eye!!! But really looking forward to our work/shopping trip :) Not much to report, so I thought I'd let you know where I am off to, and that I haven't neglected you, just conferencing, shopping and enjoying Melbourne and its sights!!! oh and hubby is dragging me to a footy game after me dragging him shopping!! I'll leave you with my question that I forgot to ring up and ask about.... can I take a crochet hook on the plane or is it considered a weapon!? hhmm....have a i got enough to risk having to hand over one little crochet hook

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