Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me and Mandy Moo

This is my little sister (1 of 2) and I when we were much younger!! I love this pic, and so many times we have joked and said we should reenact it, but sadly there are many things needed to do so!! One day we shall do it, just for the laughs!! Today I have the flu, well have done for 5 days now and ive really had enough of it. I hate being stuck on the couch wasting the day away! There is so much more I would love to be doing like sewing & creating. But I was just checking out some pics and saw this and was instantly reminded of a letter this lil sis wrote me...she is really one for taking time out to inspire others..she wrote me this email about achieving my dreams and her believing I can do it..It brought me to tears, because so often I doubt myself. This letter I will keep forever, and when I achieve my dreams I shall frame it for all to see, to show that my lil sister believed in me and knew her big sister would achieve my dreams!! She knows Im determined!! When I was younger I wanted my nose peirced and well dad thought he was safe saying if she had it done I could as she hates needles! For ages I bribed her, begged on my knees and just kept pushing it! But no she didn't want it done, well the rest is history because today we both have our noses peirced and Dad couldn't believe it when she said she would! But its something we share, and something that shows my determination! Manda Moo, I love you!! Thankyou!

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manda2506 said...

aaaw Shella this brought a little tear to my eye! I do believe in you!!
I think we'll grow to be old grannies together with our noses pierced :) cause although I have to take my stud out everyday for work, it's totally worth it cos it's something I share with you :)
Love you too Shella xo