Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Journey with me...

I have felt the need lately to get back into my blog and writing but for a different reason than before. Previously I blogged to express my creativity and to share my products from my 'BellaRae' range with anyone willing to read, but I soon got overwhelmed by that and it was easy to put it aside and just focus on creating. 

I have recently felt the need to blog again to share my journey in life. In recent months I have been through many ups and downs but I have come to the point where I am ready to share with people the struggles that I went through in the hope that I may help one person to learn to deal with their struggles, or to show people that they are not alone. 

So if you will, will you follow me as we go on a journey? My journey in life, as I share with you times of happiness and sadness, I may not bare all because there are some things that need to be kept private and there are some things I still am yet to deal with, but I will share what I can in the hope that you will realise I am just an average women, going through life, struggling at times, enjoying it to the max at others. 

So follow me? Share with me? Journey with me :)

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