Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sending some 'snail mail' love...

When was the last time I sent a hand written letter? I honestly can't remember, as its easier to jump on facebook and leave a comment or shoot off an email. How nice would it be to receive a hand written letter, or note? I often think about doing this, but soon time passes and I forget. Being one who loves handmade, and loves receiving handmade, I think its time for me to start acting out my thoughts. If I'm think of sending a friend a message to say I am thinking of them, I'm going to take the time to actually make a card and write a personal message, pop it in the post and wait for Mr Postman to deliver it to them. Will you join me? I'd love to hear how you've sent some 'snail mail' love, so leave a comment and tell me how you did it!

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