Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've done it!

I've done it! I achieved more sales than I actually thought I would. Hubby always tells me I under estimate myself and this time I agree. I went to market with quite a bit of stock, I had worked so hard in the 2 weeks before to get things together. I came home with some stock left over, which is to be expected, I would of died of shock if I had of sold everything!! But I also came home with a few more dollars than I had before I did the market :) Now I am a women on a mission!! I've been saying for ages that I would get a madeit store up and running but have just been busy and thought it would take longer than I thought. But I have done it! I have a store :) you can view it here. I haven't uploaded any items yet, but they will be up by the weekend! I have set goals. For now if you want to check out my items, you can fan me on Facebook by going here. My goals now:
  • upload items onto my madeit store
  • sort out studio, as its a complete MESS!!
  • keep producing items
  • to stop underestimating myself!


butterflycollector said...

HI!!! I saw these gorgeous brooches on made it and just wanted to come over and say hi! Have bookmarked your store and can't wait to see more of them!Are you on Etsy too? Shae xo

Shella said...

Hi Shae :) Thanks for saying hi!! There is more coming hopefully in next few weeks. stay tuned. I don't have an Etsy store, funny story is I only put them on Made it last night and there they are today :)