Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Rocks

So I was reading in my Bible recently a reading on 'getting the balance right'...and there was a story about a person speaking to a womens group who had a large mouthed jar and added some large rocks into it...they asked the group if it was full and they answered 'yes'...they then went on to pour in sand, which flowed down through the cracks and filled it some more...they again asked if it was full and the group was a little hesitant to answer this time...they then went on to pour water into the jar which soaked into the sand and between the rocks.... I think you know where this is heading.... The moral of the story is - if you don't put the big rocks in first, you will never fit them in...this really spoke to me at the time - I need to fit my big rocks into life first - Dan, family, work, Church etc, then fill the spaces with the other things in life that I choose to do...but if I don't put my 'big rocks' in first I will never fit them in... So this week I am trying to make time for my 'big rocks' and knock back the 'sand fillers'. I have trouble saying no to people, taking on everything..but I am pleased to say I am realising how this affects me and stresses me out, so when unpacking some things at work today and came across this jar with rocks in it, it was a reminder to remember the big rocks, as they are the most important.

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