Friday, April 3, 2009


Recently I was inspired to start a blog for my creative thoughts, and also to start stitching infront of the tv (thanks to the beautiful Emma), instead of wasting the night away!
So tonight firstly i stitched infront of the tv, and now, you guessed it I started a blog and hopefully this will be the first of many postings...
so my stiching, i had this little dress, bright florals - pinks, yellows, purples with soft undertones of greens and browns - and after being inspired through a book to make some little brooches, this is what i far I have half made 2, they look pretty cute and are heaps easy to make...
for the rest of the night i shall dream of inpiring things...creativity comes to us in every form, everything can be inspiring, its just how we look at it :)

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